IGFF 2018

Vadilal International Film Festival held between August 3rd to August 5th 2018 successfully in 8K Cinema, New Jersey. The three-day film festival was armed with a singular goal of promoting cinema from the state of Gujarat on a scale that was never seen or heard of before. As Festival director Mr Umesh Shukla & Founder Mr. Kaushal Acharya when announced their plans at press conference at Ahmedabad, The Media & Gujarati Film industry responded very well on overall concept & supported such big scale event. There were more than 4500 attendee during 3 days of the festival, Screening of 23 films, including 12 Feature film in competition, 4 Feature Films as Special Screening, 3 Documentary Films and 4 Short Films. It made the Gujarati Filmmakers realize that there is an immense group of onlookers and devotees abroad who are interested in watching Gujarati films.

Best Documentry Film Baheroopi
Best Short Film Rammat Gammat
Best Screenplay Jitendra Parmar Fera Feri Hera Feri
Best Story Krishnadev Yagnik Karsandas Pay And Use
Best Dialouges Chinmay Purohit Oxygen
Best Cinematography Daniele Botteselle Bhanwar
Best Editor Roopang Acharya Ratanpur
Best Actor In Comic Role Hemang Shah Karsandas Pay And Use
Best Actor In Negative Role Mithil Jain Superstar
Best Supporting Actor Female Ketaki Dave Pappa Tamne Nai Samjay
Best Supporting Actor Male Manoj Joshi
Jimit Trivedi
Pappa Tamne Nai Samjay
Gujjubhai Most Wanted
Best Music Sachin Jigar Love Ni Bhavai
Best Actor Female Sujata Mehta
Deeksha Joshi
Karsandas Pay And Use
Best Screenplay Jitendra Parmar Fera Feri Hera Feri
Best Actor Male Mayur Chauhan Karsandas Pay And Use
Best Director Dipesh Shah
Rahul Bhole - Vinit Kanojia
Chal man Jeetva Jaiye
Most Popular Film Gujjubhai Most Wanted
Chal Man Jeeetva Jaiye
Best Film Reva
Vadilal Icon Of The Year Malhar Thakar


Chal Man Jitva Jaiye is a family-owned business faces bankruptcy. It is complete family movie based on problem and decision.

Reva: A Journey Within is a 2018 Gujarati adventure drama based on the Gujarati novel Tatvamasi by Dhruv Bhatt.

Dhh is a National Award Winner movie as a wonderful story of three friends.Dhh is a heartwarming story of 3 friends (Gungun, Bajrang and Vakil).

Love Ni Bhavai is story of a popular radio personality finds herself caught between two diametrically opposed suitors.

Karsandas Pay & Use is a 2017 Indian romantic comedy Gujarati film written and directed by Krishnadev Yagnik and produced by vaishal shah.

Hera Feri Fera Feri is story of Hasmukhlaal has 2 wives and neither of them know about the other.It is family comedy movie.

GujjuBhai – Most Wanted is a 2018 Indian Gujarati comedy film directed by Ishaan Randeria. This is the second film in Gujjubhai film series.

Bhanwar is a story of struggulling boy who is come from village to city and who want to become actor. This Film is directed by Aditi Thakor.

Oxygen is a well-made film that makes good use of human emotions to strike a chord.Oxygen manages to touch your heart by the time it ends.

The title from the time which one have to wait for on a traffic signal,how 90 Seconds changed that person’s perception about safety while driving.

A documentary film on women empowerment. A real life story of Sunita Gamit from a remote tribal area of Tapi-Songadh, Gujarat.

Khamma Gir Ne is a documentary that throws light on how humans and wildlife have co-existed peacefully.It is Directed By Narendra Mojidra.

Pappa Tamne Nahi Samjay is movie based on man and his son maintain a special bond. It is directed by Dharmesh Mehta.

The film based on Dr. Jayant Khatri’s short-story ‘Dhaad’, depicts the spirit of Kachchhi people, people of the desert district of Gujarat.

Ratanpur is a 2018 Gujarati mystery drama film starring Tushar Sadhu and produced by Prolife Entertainment. It is directed by vipul sharma.

Baheroopi is a film that traces the history, practice and metaphysics of street performers the Baheroopias – ‘One in diverse forms’.

A media storm follows a famous actor after he is wounded during a shooting scene in which fake bullets were replaced with real ones.

Chitkar is based on the world famous and original Gujarati play of the same name, which also happens to based on a true story

Rammat-Gammat is a Gujarati short film attempt to revisit my memories of growing up as a minority facing discrimination from the majority.

The film talks about discrimination, racism, and violence in Australia and India, and is focused on the 2009 attacks

Saavitri is an obsessive vegan girl and Satya is an engineer who manufactures products related to solar energy. who accidentally meet.

DIARY is a Short film about nature & incidence of the sexual abuse on minors in our society, story of a father & his mentally retarded daughter.

Concept is about a person who is unknowingly trapped in his own limits comprising of many factors alike time , improper food , hectic schedule .