This film is about to fight against Child Marriage. A primary school teacher takes a stand for a small mute girl and fight to stop her child Marriage.

Back Bencher is the drama film which is the tale of how children deal with the cut-throat competition in today’s world, where marks are the only parameters taken into consideration to assess a child’s overall potential.

Suryansh is the Action-mystery-drama film which revolves around the honest and valiant cop on a mission to fight against criminals and to reduce the crime rate in the city.

Ventilator is the drama-comedy film revolves around a joint family from Gujarat and starring popular bollywood actor Jackie Shroff.

This is the patriotic drama film revolves around the Indian army officer and ex-army Colonel who are on a mission and together save the life of people from terrorist attack.

Shu Thayu is the Comedy film written and directed by Krishnadev Yagnik. The film is the remake of the Tamil film ‘Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom (2012).’

Saheb is the drama film which revolves around a young student who decides to fight against the corrupt system when he loses his friend due to the negligence of the system.

Family Circus is the musical comedy drama which focuses the life of two middle class friends and their journey of becoming rich with unexpected twists and turns.

Order Order out of Order is the courtroom drama film which focuses on the story of two brothers fighting their inner demon. One case changes their lives and leaves them in turmoil.

This film is about a life sketch of one of the legendary artist Shri K R Yadav, A painter who irrespective of his emotion, mental and social hardships, remained true to his art.

Natsamrat is an engrossing and rich story of an actor who has scaled dizzying heights of popularity in his career and goes on to retire at the peak.

Have Thase Baap Re is an Emotional family drama film starring veteran actor Kiran Kumar. The Film bridges the gap when two generations meets at crossroads.

Short Circuit is the science fiction comedy-drama film based on the concept of time loop. It is the first science fiction Gujarati film.


Reva: A Journey Within is a 2018 Gujarati adventure drama based on the Gujarati novel Tatvamasi by Dhruv Bhatt.

Saavitri is an obsessive vegan girl and Satya is an engineer who manufactures products related to solar energy. who accidentally meet.


GAANTH – as the name suggest that it actually means “Knot”. It’s a story of a poor farmer who wants to run his family in a better way but he loose against the market system while he wishes to sell his crops directly.

This Short film is based on grandson-grandfather relationship. Grandfather gives his grandson the life lessons in very unique way.

This Short film is revolves around the issue faced by old parents. when their own children does not give them warmth and support and lead them to live in old age home.

This Short film is revolves around a situation where son has to choose between earning a bread for his family or to be with his father as a life support.

An Uber driver witnesses an unusual event after dropping a lady passenger that changes his night forever.


In this Short film a young boy troubled by his father’s alcoholism and decides to employ the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi to help him overcome his demons.

This Short film will give a massage to everyone, why should avoid the use of plastic to preserve our precious wildlife as well as our mother nature.

This Short film revolves around the actor who performs Mahatma Gandhi in his play and sharing his experience about performing Gandhiji.

The central point of the film is how a mediocre interviewer gets an unexpected opportunity to interview the first ever A.I enabled humanoid version of Mahatma Gandhi. the most unique debate ever on screen with Mahatma Gandhi in 21th century.

This Short film is based on values of Mahatma Gandhi and his favorite bhajan “Vaishan jan to tene kahi e”.


Mansi Kutch is a documentary film of Residential Girls for Differently Abled Students in Kutch-Bhuj

This documentary is revolves around the life events of Gandhiji in kochrab ashram during freedom movement in Ahmedabad

This documentary is going to show you about History of the Ahmedabad City and its establishment. and also how it becomes India’s first Heritage City.

This documentary is based on very old famous folk form of Gujarat that is Bhavai.